Our private label boards sold in store only at the WSMS Surf Stop.
Each board is hand-shaped with love by your choice of two incredibly talented board builders Bruce Ragan from Cocoa Beach Florida and Ken White from St. Augustine Florida. Both are dear friends to the WSMS team and master shapers with over 30+ years of experience with over 40,000 boards hand-shaped, creating boards for some of the top surfers in the world. Their longboards, fishies, and high performance boards are comparable to any mainstream label in the world. The WSMS shapes are a true collab between our team and both shapers, each board has been extensively product tested and tweaked to perfection. Stop by the shop and check them out! Support Florida board builders and shop local!

Board Models:


Not your typical twin fin- this fishie is a modern take on a traditional design tweaked specifically to work in our surf here in N.E. FL. Low Rocker board through out with a slight single to double with 4 channels running off tail. These boards works best with the FCS Power Twins plus a nubster, but also works very well with the FCS Modern Keel to give a more traditional fish feel. The deep channels add stability to the twin fin set up.

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More of a step up twin from our swallow fishie. This board need a little bit more of a wave, but can also be stretched into an epic mid length pinny. Low rocker with single to deeper double running through fins. Fins are pulled back towards tail more then the swallow fish. This gives the board a very positive feel and no drift. This model was also designed specifically with N.E. FL in mind, but makes a great additional board for your next trip.

The newest editon to the WSMS lineup- the WSMS Noserider. This board will be your bestie all summer and will quickly become your favorite log. Everything about this beautiful craft has been designed to keep you high and tight in the pocket, featuring a rad scoop in the tail that will help you levitate for days. So whether you’re already comfy cozy up on the nose or just learning the art of the waltz, the WSMS Noserider will get you to where you need to go all while keeping the stoke levels heightened.

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