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Spreading the salt and soul culture. We are an inclusive, family born, lifestyle brand that aims to serve and inspire our community with new and unique products. We support surfers, all creatives, and those seeking a soulful connection to nature - bringing to you what our sweet oceans bring to us.

Community Promotes Unity

We seek to celebrate our community as well as the individual, showing surfing as the purest way to connect to nature and utilizing this as an outlet for self expression. Our core values support the idea that community promotes unity and we aim to inspire the next generation of surfers and soul searchers.

A Soulful Appreciation

Our mission is to design, develop, serve and inspire our community through our unique products. We hope to show all the many ways we have to access our oceans existence. As a brand, we strive to celebrate the soulful appreciation of surfing and the community it represents. To share the stoke while promoting whatever vessel it may take to have a more connected experience.

Shop our Flagship

The Surf Stop is a shop built with love found on the corner of F street in St. Augustine Beach. Enter through the positive portal and find a carefully curated surf boutique with rad local goods.


Monday-Satuday: 9am-6pm

Sunday: 11am-5pm

Everyone deserves the opportunity to discover WHERE the SALT MEETS their SOUL. To experience the joyous wonders of surfing and all our ocean has to offer.

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