Community Quarantine Creations V.1

During these trying times of heart ache, fear, and stress we have decided to put together a series of community quarantine blog posts revolved around creation during the Covid-19 quarantine. Community Quarantine Creations! Our hopes with this little series is that we will inspire others in our community to channel their energy and free time into creativity while bringing joy to all with beautiful local creations.

Its a bit ironic, during your average hectic work week chasing dollars, the normal person probably wishes and prays for quiet, for the time do all things they wish they could be doing everyday. Well now that we have it, a lot of us may not know what to do with ourselves.

So its time to CREATE! 

The following Covid-19 community creation blog posts will share creators and innovators from NE Florida doing what they do best!

Whether you're a professional artist or an at home doodler, creating is a great way to release stress and bring joy to ones life, and we hope these posts will encourage others to do so.

If you have created a fancy dish for supper, a funny youtube video, doodles in your planner, paintings, photographs, etc. during this quarantine and would like to share, SEND to


STARTING Volume 1 of the COVID Community Creation blog, is the first series of Chris Tincher's interviews which you may have seen on instagram. These videos are great. Carefully curated questions by The Grinch himself, sent out to local rippers, creators and our favorite goofs. What else could you want during these indoor online days??

 Now comes some beautiful work by Ariel Kellogg:




Of course, some of her signature earrings as well!


Now for Addie Gibson's favorite piece of quarantine :

Below is a couple of boards Addie painted for display at The Surf Station. Pretty rad program they're doing with local artist and display surfboards!

Below is a piece of wood doodled and colored by John Shields :

Next we have the full-of-stoke Mike "WorkForAvocados" Vlogs. Mike has been pumping out funny, enjoyable, light hearted videos during these trying times for our viewing pleasure! Enjoy.



Now for some paintings done by Riley Shanahan:

A few Easter card creations by our very own Kayla Zappone Hires



And our shop Mama, Ktzap, got working on making WSMS masks for our community- all handmade with love, lined with cotton fabric and each has it's own slot to insert a filter if needed.

Thanks to the artists and creators who sent in content for this first post!

If you or a friend would like to be featured in the next Volume of Community Quarantine Creations, send your creations to


Sending positivity to all of those out there working to help keep each other happy, healthy, sane and moving forward. You know who you are. <3


-Alec Z and the WSMS Team

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