Hurricane Dorian Saint Augustine Surf Gallery

Hurricane season is always an exciting period, where we are at the will of Mother Nature. One minute you could find yourself in the path of total destruction then the next minute you could find yourself experiencing some of the most beautiful features it has to offer. This time of year always reminds us that we are not superior to nature, a rough but necessary lesson. It's a strange experience scoring waves while other communities and towns are getting completely leveled by the same natural occurrence that we are riding the high of our lives off of. This gallery shot by Cody Coleman is dedicated to all of the people living in these effected areas. -Alec

 Downtown St. Augustine Tuesday evening as Hurricane Dorian moved in on the Oldest City!

Sandbags are a big part of hurricane prep in Saint Augustine and this group packing bags 6 days before Dorian hit know what can happen!

 Downtown Sunday morning.

High tide, St. Augustine bay front 4 days before Dorian hit.


Exploring the first fronts of Dorians bands!

John, Alec,Ozzy

Wednesday mid-morning, as Dorian was turning away and high tide was pushing. Full tide parts of St. Augustine beach saw flooding that got a few homes and business...

Early Thursday morning I set out on a hunt to find the best sandbar possible and after a few miles of walking, and a few more drives we found a few spots holding it quite nicely!

Wiley and his peak!

Just a few moments after the last image we were both starring into left hand tubes like this one. 

After seeing that view we had to make sure we lined up on the first one he got, and we did just that.

Just another line-up shot.

Peaks like this everywhere all day Thursday.

Joel Luteran mid-afternoon after eating some lunch and swimming back out. When shooting in the water, linking up on a shot like this is about as good as it gets.

Casey and his son Zealan taking on the fading afternoon peaks.

Casey on one a few moments later, showing there are still some meaty ones out there.

Unknown getting a solid cover up.

Wiley Robinson splitting the peak with himself.

Ben R Pulling in.

Joel on an absolute NUG.


Wiley with not a drop out of place! Cruise over to @CodyColeman on instagram to see the full sequence just posted!

Mind surf it..

Nathan Pierce helping hold it down for all the groms in the lineup!

Joal Luteran took the win on this swell in my opinion! I saw him go for and pack more tubes than anyone else the whole day. This one here is a perfect example!

Wiley step stall in the spot.

Not every wave was a make... but Joel sure kept trying!

Empty Dreamer..

Drew Haslehoff on the last wave I shot of the day! Yes he made it!


If you'd like to make a donation to the relief efforts in the Bahama's- check out these links for creditable donation outlets:
National Association of the Bahamas (this is probably who we'll donate too)
Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation (Oversaw by Grand Bahama port authority)
HeadKnowles Bahamian Organization
Global Giving:
List of all charities and non profits assisting:



I hope everyone enjoyed the gallery! Don't forget to follow me on instagram @CodyColeman @CodyColemanPhotography Yewwww!!

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