Innocnts Beach Break Boogie finals Premiere Party

THE BEACH BREAK BOOGIE- A logging surf contest hosted over instagram by Innocnts. Best surfed beach break wave over a 3 month period wins. That simple. Winning surfer gets $1000 and an invite to the Duct Tape Invitational. 



A clear cool evening eating pizza from Mellow Mushroom, slugging free PBRs, all the time bobbing our heads to Skye's jams until it was time to premiere the Finals. Might I add with one radical crew! 


First off, huge shoutout to Chris Tincher and Sean Tully for making all of this happen!! Thanks to Tinch and Tully we were able to host this premiere at our shop. 


Here is a brief recap of the night through the lens of Dylan Handley:  

Boogie from Dylan Handley on Vimeo.


We set up three tents with lights, photographs, rugs, even a disco ball with the intention of creating a space that would make you feel like you were kicking it in a buddies basement.

Skye was our buddy, and we were in his basement...

The PBR's were never ending as the froth of the night grew!


Saxon and Addie capturing one hell of a selfie.




"Who is that kid? How old is he?" was the consistent question I was asked by folks who had yet to come across the generational throwback that is Skye.


For those of you who don't know Skye:


Name: Skye Blumefeld

Age: 14

Hometown: Flagler beach

Creative Outlets: Music, surfing, and skating

What gets you most inspired: Probably music and early punk at the moment like the New York Dolls




Now For the movie...



If you are unaware of what The Beach Break Boogie actually is, here is a brief rundown: 


Beachbreak Boogie /// Finals Video from INNOCNTS on Vimeo.





Mellow Mushroom of Saint Augustine

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer

Skye Blumefield

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