Community Quarantine Creation V.3

WELCOME BACK to another Volume of WSMS Community Quarantine Creation. This one got a little delayed as we re-opened our retail store after being closed for 62 days and we continue to navigate summer and the Covid climate as a small business. 

It seemed as though things here in North Florida were starting to feel somewhat normal again, that is until Florida said "hold my beer" and started posting some serious case numbers. With that being said, we hope everyone is staying happy, healthy and sane during these crazy times! Here are few local artists and community members who haven't stopped creating regardless of what our world currently looks like.

Starting this Volume we have a rad Osprey painting done by one of our close friends Marc G:

"Ive been surfing and seeing ospreys pick off birds around me, it's insane. Your boy just got some dinner its nuts. So to be honest I painted the Osprey because of how gnarly they are. " Marc G.


Here we have a hand painted design by John Harold Shields for an upcoming project he has been working:

Next are a couple wood paintings by myself, Alec Zappone, as gifts:




Next, is the local Legend Mike WorkForAvocados with a couple vlogs to entertain you. One of them being a pretty epic phone interview with Larry Bertlemann, CHECK IT:


Now moving onto a rad Project some of the homie sliders in our North Florida scene are developing. Cinema Tees and Fins soon Available! Updates on Chris Tinchers Social Media @Philspidaman. Snag a Cinema tee here or check em out in store!



Next, yet ANOTHER rad piece by Richie D (aka RCDart or Richgang):



Have you heard of Manic Botanicc yet?

Miss Cassidy Ramos is a fellow Flagler Alum, floral artist, Kona Skateboard security, behavioral therapist for children with autism fairy angel. Check out her rad floral resin ashtrays she whipped up during Quarantine and head over to her insta @manicbotanicc to see more of her flower power creations. Her sister, Roxanne, is also currently on a journey to conquer Ewing's-like Sarcoma Cancer and Cassidy has set up a gofundme to help alleviate some of the financial strain of medical bills- if you'd like to read more about Roxanne's journey or would like to make a donation, click here

Anyone still having trouble finding toilet paper? Local artists, Jordan Kenefick, made a pottyside guide to using all your hoarded ass-wipes...


Next we have a few images shot around Saint Augustine by Zach Sawyer on 35mm. These photos were all shot during our Covid-19 quarantine. "I shot these with documenting the weird changes during Covid in mind." 


 We also got some RAD food submissions as well

These are from our friend Dempsey Hall:

"At the beginning of the pandemic, so many aspects of my life felt out of control: Beaches were closed, vacations were cancelled, and friends and family were socially distanced. In an effort to regain some semblance of control, I sought solace in cooking, and turned to my kitchen for some much-needed comfort."

To read more about Dempsey's epic food creations and find the recipes, click here

Next up is our camp co-director and artist extraordinaire (Art By Susie) ,Susie Duggan! During quarantine, she participated in the Lockdown Bake Club:

A big thank you to all the artists and creators who sent in content! We appreciate you and apologize for how long this took.

Sending positive portal vibes to all of you and we hope we can keep working together to help keep each other happy, healthy, sane and moving forward during these weird times. 

Cheers to you and yours!

-Alec and Kayla Z and the rest of the WSMS Team


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